April 7-13, 2014

Monday, April 7th - ACTION FILM NIGHT -

La Copa Llena - $25.00

Buffet Southwest Fajita station:

-Cinnamon chipotle braised pork shoulder

-Grilled Margarita chicken breast

-Sautéed vegetarian option

-Black beans and rice

-Pico de gallo & sour cream

-Southwest slaw

-Mixed green salad

-Spicy watermelon salad

Tuesday, April 8th - DATE NIGHT - Tamboo -

A La Carte Menu Items Available to Buy

Wednesday, April 9th - FRIGHT NIGHT - Shipwreck Bar and Grill $25.00 - PIG ROAST BUFFET includes:

-Roast Pig

-Rice and Beans

-Vegetable Piñon



-Flan for Dessert

Thursday, April 10th - COMEDY NIGHT -

Villa Cofresi - $25.00 - BUFFET includes:

-Rice with Walnuts and Sweet Plantains

-Bistro style chicken ( wine, onions and mozzarella cheese)

-Skirt Steak on a Carving Station

-Green Salad

-Potato salad

-Garlic Bread

-Assorted homemade desserts

Friday, April 11th - PUERTO RICAN Short Documentaries Night - Rincón of the Seas $25.00 - PAELLA BUFFET includes:


-Green Salad with assorted dressings

-Seafood Paella y Meat Paella (Valenciana)

-Dessert (Chef choice)

Saturday, April 12th - PUERTO RICO SHORT FILM NIGHT - Lazy Parrot - $25.00 - BUFFET includes:

Mixed salad: -Lettuce, purple cabbage, carrots, and tomatoes & coriander-lime vinaigrette

Main Course:

-Rice with Pidgeon Peas & Puertorican Smothered Steak and Onions

-White Rice & Chicken Fricassee


-Boiled Green Bananas in 'escabeche' (island vinegar sauce)

-Fried Yucca & Island 'mojo' Sauce


-Coconut flan

MI FAMILIAS PIZZERIA Will also be offering it's Full Menu A La Carte for those that want to order on Saturday April 12th at the Lazy Parrot.

Sunday, April 13th - BEST OF FEST FILMS

Casa Hines - No Buffet. -

Buffet available for purchase for $15 by

Das Alpen.


Rouladen - Beef thinly sliced and rolled around bacon and pickle stuffing and slow braised in beer, wild mushrooms and spices . Served with braised red cabbage, and Bavarian potato dumpling.

Pasta Primavera - Tagliatelli pasta with a mix of fresh vegetables.

RIFF creates a spectacular screening environment by showcasing films at outdoor venues at beachfront resorts. Every evening, a dinner/food event is created by some of the finest chefs in the area. See entertaining films while enjoying the great outdoors.

Daytime screenings are hosted at the Beachfront Villa Cofresi, where you can see films, or enjoy the beach, bar, restaurant and pool.

Rincón is a 2 hour drive from San Juan and has become a Carribbean hideaway vacation destination, known for surfing, beaches, and a Laissez-faire attitude. Filmmakers from around the world travel into Rincón every year for the festival. Filmmakers from Japan, China, Spain, Canada, Europe and US states from California to New York, have attended and shown their work, as well as up and coming directors and filmmakers from Puerto Rico. A filmmaker from Germany actually proposed and married in Rincón before leaving the festival in 2009.

The Largest and Most Celebrated Film Festival in Puerto Rico


Beautiful Outdoor Venues !!

Themed Dinner Events including:Comedy Night Fright Night ACTION ADVENTURE DATE NIGHT

Puerto Rican Film Night & more !!

Daytime Beachfront Screenings!

Read about Film Festival Mission, Festival Directors, History of the RIFF, previous films screened, and Award Winners, as well as a store to purchase cool merchandise.

Submissions Now Open

We are interested in seeing Short Films, Feature Films, Surfing Films, Comedies, horror films, music videos & more....Submissions Open.

Will Close on Feb. 20, 2015

Puerto Rico is a US Territory &

US Citizens do not need their Passports.

We are happy to hear your

comments & questions.

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